PUTTING THE REAL… IN REALITY ! (again for 2017)

Immersion X Productions. A Creation and Entertainment Company For Theater, Film and Interactive Events

RETURNS Mid Year with a sampl production and fully in OCTOBER 2017 – RED X: The Torn. Experience the Collision Of Reality, Haunted House, Theater, Technology and Interaction. Be Immersed! The Red X Returns with the next story/chapter, a new larger venue, more special effects and illsuions, more augmented reality and…now… 3D. — The Worlds First and Only Augmented Reality Immersive Theater Haunt!

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We are the Worlds First Haunt to Immerse LA’s Scare Seekers into the 4th Dimension

Immersion X Production’s (IXP) unveils, this Halloween season in Los Angeles, The Red X — A Live Theater Horror Attraction.
The Immersive Horror is a collision of reality, Haunted House, Paranormal Investigation, Interaction, and Technology.

“We are the worlds first live Horror Haunt utilizing Augmented Reality (AR) to create a 4th Dimension,” says Todd Larsen, creator and IXP founder. IXP is an entertainment company creating theater, film and interactive events.

Todd adds, “The Los Angeles creative team, in conjunction with our Augmented Reality affiliate in London (TBA), will elevate the live theater Haunt to a whole new level of Immersion, horror and fun. The days of black lights and cardboard clowns are gone”

Augmented reality- Definition… an enhanced version of reality created by the use of technology to overlay digital information on an image.

This theatrical 4th Dimension concept has been in development for over a year enabling us to create a horrifying new level of immersive interactive experiences. Your immersion into this horrific story will begin in your own home. Yes- our event begins the moment you buy your ticket and receive your own ghost hunting tools. I cant say more, but its truly immersive, like nothing else you’ve seen before. “You’ll be checking under your bed,” Todd quips.

Red X: Haunt Experience. THE TORNComing in 2017- Los Angeles
On this paranormal tour you will follow the living and the dead from room to room alongside your Gallery owner and Ghost Hunter.Medium. Together you will uncover clues to this horrific story as you experience the tragic death of Possessed Painter and Writer Emily Roberson. Your primary goal then will be to escape the house alone – sans ghost.

“Its like Ghost Hunting, The ride.”

Be Immersed: The Red X: The Torn
Updates, Videos, Information, Press and Tickets will be revealed as made available on

In 2015 we became the Worlds First Augmented reality Immersion Theater Haunt in Los Angeles.
THE RED X: A 90 Minute Collision Of Reality, Haunted House, Theater Interaction and Technology.

This year we uncover Emily’s art and items found in europe, and her home just outside Pasadena
Each year the peformance is limited: Get on the list now